Board Books [Ages: 0 to 3 Years]

Favorite Authors 
 [Books listed are the ones read and enjoyed by Laya and me. Other books can be found in the link provided]
Mother and Child Reading by Frederick Warren Freer, Oil on Canvas. Source: Google Images

Carle, Eric
      a. My very first book of Colors
      b. My very first book of shapes
      c. My very first book of numbers
Other Eric Carle Books for Infants - My Very First Books from Author's Website

Gillingham, Sara
      a. In my Nest
      b. In my Flower
Other Baby Books by Sara Gillingham - Amazon List

Katz, Karen
      a. Where's Baby's Belly Button
      b. Where's baby's mommy
      c. Daddy and Me
      d. Grandpa and Me
      e. Grandma and Me
      f. What does baby say?
Other baby books by Karen Katz - Author Website

Kubler, Annie
      a. I'm a little teapot
      b. If you are happy and you know it
      c. Pat a cake
      d.  This little piggy
      e. Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes
      f. Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Other nursery time books illustrated by Annie Kubler - Child's Play Website

Patricelli, Leslie
      a. Yummy Yucky
      b. No no, Yes yes
      c. Big Little
      d. Potty
Other Books by Leslie Patricelli - Author Website

Seuss, Dr.
      a. My Brown Can Moo
      b. Dr. Seuss' ABC
      c. The Foot Book
      d. There's a woset in my closet
Other Dr. Seuss books for 0 to 3 years - Author Website

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