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 Ramya's Bookshelf

I created this blog to keep track of the books I've read and my views on the books.  All the reviews here are solely my views. I do not get paid to write these reviews. I do, however, get free review copies from authors and publishers. I always tag the free books as "Free Review Copy" in my blog. I don't accept every review request I get. I only accept books that I find interesting and think I'll like reading and reviewing. Receiving a free copy doesn't mean I will sugar coat my reviews. Since I put in a lot of thought before hand and selectively accept review copies, chances are high that I'll like the book I've asked for.

Genres I love to read and review

1. Literary Fiction
2. Multicultural/Ethnic Fiction
3. Historical Fiction
4. Women's Fiction
5. Commericial Fiction
6. Family saga
5. Chick Lit amd Romance
6. Classics
7. Magical Realism
8. Short Story Collections

Non Fiction
1. Memoirs
2. Science and Nature
3. Multicutural
4. Indian History

Books I DO NOT read:
1. Self Help Books
2. Religious books
3. Self published books
4. Horror, Crime, Suspense novels

Authors/Publicists - Please contact me with the title and description of your book before sending it to me. If I like it, I 'll let you know and you can send me a copy AFTER that.
You can email me here: ramyasbookshelf (at) gmail (dot) com

1 comment:

padmaja said...

Dear Ramya, after 2022, i want
you to read religious books too.
esp. books related to Hindu religion. Intelligent person like
you should do something for our religion. Arthamulla Hindu religion
by Kannadasan to start with.