Friday, March 24, 2017

Let's keep our kids safe!

Inserted at regular intervals in the pile of our regular nighttime reads, are these five precious books. Books that are so important that I eagerly wait for one of them to come up to the top of the pile. These are the books that I bought after much research to kick start a conversation about private parts, good touch - bad touch and uncomfortable situations with my daughter. The books have been really helpful to talk about these sensitive topics without appearing to be awkward about it. Preventing child sex abuse is a primary concern for most parents and books like these help create an open environment at home where the child feels safe to talk about everything that's happening with them outside the house.

1. Your Body Belongs to You - Written by a clinical social worker and child/family therapist, this book appeals to the young ones with it's illustrations and simple language. The language might be simple, but the message is clear - Your body belongs to you and it's ok to say no when you don't want to "share" it.

2. It's MY Body: A Book to Teach Young Children How to Resist Uncomfortable Touch (Children's safety series & abuse prevention) - Again, meant for kids are young as preschoolers, the art and language in this book are simple. The book explains the difference between good touch and bad touch and teaches the kid how to respond to an unwanted touch.

3. The Right Touch: A Read-Aloud Story to Help Prevent Child Sexual Abuse (Jody Bergsma Collection) - This book won the Benjamin Franklin award as a best parenting book and since then has been a highly recommended resource to have when you want to have the talk with your child. In Kelven's own words - "Talking to kids about sexual abuse isn't easy. Parents are afraid they'll say too much or say the wrong thing. My books deliver the prevention lesson, offering concrete information in a warm and accepting context while indirectly showing the children that their parents are open to talking sexual abuse. If kids are going to tell when something happens, they need to know parents will listen, will believe them and will not turn the tables, blaming the child who tells." 

4. NO Trespassing - This Is MY Body! - In this book, Katie and her brother Kyle talk to their mother and learn about the differences between their bodies and having boundaries. This book also includes a parent's guide to help parents have a health discussion with their kids.

5. Those are MY Private Parts - This one is my personal favorite. The illustrations in  this book resemble a little kid's drawings. It is simple and colorful and yet, conveys the messages perfectly. The rhyming pattern in the book makes it fun for the kids.

6. I Said No! A Kid-to-kid Guide to Keeping Private Parts Private - Not pictured in the set above because I forgot to grab it off the shelf when I took the picture. But this is a slightly more verbose book for an older kid. The book is written from Zack's point of view and makes it more relatable for the kids.

These are the books that I read with my daughter once every few weeks. Even though they all emphasize pretty much the same message, I like to keep a variety of books because my daughter tends to get bored of reading the same book over and over again. Different books appeal to her at different points of time and it's interesting what she takes away from each book after she reads it.

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