Monday, March 17, 2014

Review: The Dot and the Line

Title: The Dot and the line: A romance in lower mathematics
Written and Illustrated by: Norton Juster
Genre: Illustrated book, children's book, romance
Age Range: Children of all ages.

One upon time, in a lovely little world called the Lineland, there was a sensible and shy little straight line. and he fell in love. Not with another sensible shy little straight line, but for a beautiful, round dot! He loved everything about the dot. In his eyes, she was just perfect!

There was only one small hitch. She wasn't interested in him. She was already in love - with the wild and unkempt squiggle.

This book is the story of how our sensible straight line discovers a new side to himself and woos the frivolous dot. Such a charming book with the cutest illustrations and a very inspiring love story. My favorite part: the mathematics puns scattered carelessly throughout the book!

This book was also made in to an academy award winning short film.. and it is the most endearing film I have seen. 

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Trish said...

I'm going to have to look for this one for Elle! It sounds so charming and clever.

Ramya Prabhu said...

@Trish - I don't know about Elle, but I am sure you'll enjoy it:)

Nicola Mansfield said...

Oh my! I've never heard of this and I just love The Phantom Tollbooth. I'll have to bookmark the film to watch after the book. Hope I can find it at the library!