Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Review: Meet me at the Cupcake Cafe

Book: Meet me at the cupcake cafe
Author: Jenny Colgan
Genre: Chick Lit
My Rating: 4 Stars

I was at the library a couple of days ago to pick up some books I had requested. I sneaked in 5 minutes before closing time and while waiting in line to check out my books, a little pink book with cupcakes on the cover caught my eye. In spite of all the warning bells in my head about the number of books in my TBR pile and all those half read books in various corners of my house, I picked it up. After wrapping up all my duties I home, I grabbed a bowl of popcorn and opened the book. 5 hours later I turned the last page - warm, happy and relaxed with an intense craving for some fluffy cupcakes topped with some yummy butter cream frosting:)

"Meet me at the cupcake cafe" is a heart warming story about following your dreams and doing what you love, while finding some great friends and the right man along the way. Issy Randall is a lovable central character. Her passion for baking and all things sugar is highly contagious. Only she could have made me want to taking out some flour, eggs and my mixing bowl at 2:00AM to whip up some ridiculously delicious cupcake/scone from one of the recipes scattered throughout the book. Luckily, sanity prevailed and I didn't wake up a sleeping family.

If you are looking for a light read, this is definitely a good book to pick.

Can't wait to read more books by Jenny Colgan

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bermudaonion said...

This sounds adorable!

Literary Feline said...

This sounds perfect for this time of year.

Ramya said...

@bermudaonion, @literaryfeline - cute little book. perfect little quick read..