Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Reading with Laya: The Animal Boogie

Book: The Animal Boogie
Illustration: Debbie Harter
Sung by: Fred Penner

The first thing that you (and your little one) notice about the Animal Boogie book is the colorful illustration. The jungle comes to life with bright green leaves and big friendly looking animals. and when you finally tear your eyes away from the illustrations, you realize that the lines are short with an easy rhyming pattern. Perfect for a quick read aloud with the kids!
 What more could one ask for from a read aloud book for preschoolers? A catchy tune to sing along with? Well, that's included too! The book comes with an entertaining singalong CD.
Before you realize it, the littles ones are talking about various actions like leaping, swinging, stomping, slythering, etc!

Right from the first read/singalong, this has become one of Laya's favorite reads and sometimes, when she's preoccupied doing a puzzle or coloring a page, I even catch her humming the tune!

 Buy the book at an Indie Bookstore!

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