Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Review: Professors' Wives' Club

I won a copy of this book at a giveaway in Dar’s blog and after some issues with the mail, it finally arrived last week. I couldn’t wait to start reading it. After reading so many rave reviews for it all over the blog-o-sphere, I was kinda sure I would surely like the book. And I did. Thank you so much Dar!

If you still don’t know what this book is about, here’s a short description. The book is about 4 ladies – wives of professors who live at the faculty housing at the fictional Manhattan U. The 4 women are very different. Mary is the author of a Pulitzer Prize winning novel. Hannah is a former model. Sophia gave up a successful career as an agent in LA to become a stay at home mom in New York. Ashleigh is a lawyer. They get to know each other and start bonding because of one reason – a little private garden near the faculty housing. The garden is the sanctuary for each one of them. It is the place where they go when they need to deal with their issues and boy do they have issues. One of them is dealing with an abusive, dominating husband.

Another just cheated on her husband with her professor and is swallowed by guilt. Yet another is a lesbian and cannot figure out the right away to inform her strict senator dad. And the fourth cannot figure out if she should have actually given up a career to stay at home and wait, was her husband cheating on her??
The four women decide to join forces when Dean Havemeyer suddenly decides to demolish the garden to build a parking garage instead. Coming together for a common cause, they eventually find strength to deal with the issues that they are each battling against.

It is hard to believe that this is Joanne Rendell’s first book. It is very well written. Each of the four women has her own faults but overall, they are all very likeable. There is a light element to the whole book but at the same time, Joanne doesn’t shy away from dealing with topics like physical abuse. She puts across the point that physical abuse is not something that is prevalent in only lower classes of society. Sometimes rich and educated me also tend to be physically abusive and it is something that shouldn’t be tolerated!
I loved this book. It was a page turner and I had a very tough time putting the book down until I had turned the very last page.

This would have been enough to make the book a roaring success. But Joanne doesn’t stop here. She brings in a tough of suspense and mystery to this as well… in the form of a literary character… can it get any better? I loved the references to Edgar Allen Poe and I shouldn’t be saying anything more than this, coz I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag.

You still haven’t read this book? I think you should get a copy of this right away and trust me, you won’t regret it!


S. Krishna said...

Great review! I loved this one as well.

Jo-Jo said...

What a nice review...I haven't read this one but I think I will have to soon.

bethany said...

I have wanted to read this one, thanks so much for the review. Glad you enjoyed it. I am going to put it on my wish list!! :)

bermudaonion said...

This books looks so good - thanks for the review.

violetcrush said...

Some really confused women int his book. I am glad you liked it and i'll be adding this to my Wishlist...

Dar said...

Great review Ramya. I am so glad you enjoyed this book. It really was so good. It has certainly stuck with me. Another of my faves of 2008.

On another note, I mailed Sweetsmoke yesterday.

Ramya said...

@swapna - yet to hear from someone who hasn't.. this is a sure success..:)

@jo-jo - you HAVE to. It is a nice read..:)

@bethany - i wanted to read this one for quite a while too.. glad i won it when Dar was giving it away:) let me know if you need it and i'll send you my copy!

@bermudaonion - it is a nice read! you should give it a shot sometime.. you'll enjoy it..

@violet - i know.. but i guess she brings out the fact that all of us have some issue or the other.. even if it is silly in comparison to others.. i liked that..:)

@dar - thanks for this one and sending me sweetsmoke dar!!:)

bethany said...

oh, you are tooooooo sweet, my friend. I am so buried right now it would take me forever to get it back to you. I am getting through my ARC's though...and when I can once again see the light of day I will excitedly take you up on that offer!!!! (can hardly wait to get this weight off and dive into the "I have been waiting to read forever" books)

you are sooo sweet!

bethany said...

oh, have you read the Wednesday sisters!? I listened to the audio version from the library and so far it is my favourtite book this year (I think) the trailer for this book reminded me of The Wednesday Sisters. I think you'd love it.

Ramya said...

@bethany - sure! just let me know and I'll send it to you! Wednesday Sisters is THAT good?? I definitely need to read it then.. shall wait for your review of it!:)

Veens said...

I can't believe u Won it at Dar's :) I am so envious! WOuld u believe I wanted to WIN it soo soos o MUCH kinds :D :D

ah! well! I am sure.. I will enjoy it as much as u did :) it really does sound awesome :)