Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Soul to Keep

I received Melanie Wells's My Soul to Keep from Camy Tang. Thanks Camy!I must start this review by saying that this is not the kind of book I usually read. But thanks to the book blogging community, I have become adventurous in my reading selections and I must accept that I have been surprised quite a few times.
My soul to keep is a suspense novel. It is the third book in Melanie Wells's Dylan Foster series but I think that it is not necessary to have read the other two books before getting to My Soul to Keep. I mean, maybe reading those books would give you a better context to the happenings of this book because most are the characters are present in the other books as well. but, i read this book without reading the other two and i didnt have any trouble grasping the essence of the book. I would have liked more information on Peter Terry but the events and the descriptions are enough to give me a good intuition. 

well, what is this book about? I guess that is a tough thing to do in a review when the novel is a suspense one.. Well, let me tell you this. Dylan Foster is a professor. She is a obsessively clean kinda person (wiping and dusting all the time) but her life is as chaotic as her house is clean. While organizing a birthday party for one of her friend's daughter Christine, another friend's son Nicholas is kidnapped. The book is all about how they track down Nicholas and find him again. All the time, there is a conflict between the good angel and the demon. The evil demon is haunting Dylan's life and adds to the chaos. Anyways, another interesting twist in the story is Christine's supernatural ability to feel/see what Nicholas is feeling/seeing and that kinda helps them in tracking down where he is.

Well, as i mentioned before...this is not a book that i would have picked up had i read about it before. Suspense? Supernatural powers? Good vs Evil? You must be kidding me! 
But there was something about this book that kept me going. I mean, I was ready to put it down and not get back to it if it was wierd but i actually managed to not only finish the book but actually like it enough to say.."maybe you should give it a shot" in my review!

Seriously.. try it! give it a shot. let me know what you thought of it! do you read suspense novels? well, then go ahead and suggest a few books that you really enjoyed because i am ready to try out a few more suspense novels now!


S. Krishna said...

I like it when I enjoy a book that is totally outside of what I would normally read ...it's encouaraging!

Dar said...

First, I love the cover of this book. It's awesome.

I like suspense, thrillers and horrors. Harlan Coben, Linwood Barclay are a couple good ones I can think of offhand.

I'm glad you liked this book as it was totally outside what you normally like. I think it's great when you read something you were sure you weren't going to like and you end up liking it and even looking for more.

Trish said...

Ohhh--sounds creepy! This isn't normally what I would read either, but one of my most favorite aspects of blogging (besides all my blogging friends!) is going outside of my comfort zone and reading things I would have never read before. I love it!

Ramya said...

@s.krishna - i know! it makes me realize how much i don't know about myself! spooky!:)

@dar - don't you just?? that the only thing that made me start the book.. i was soo hesitant after i read what it was about..

@trish - exactly.. i had stereotyped myself and the kind of books i liked.. i am finding new books that i love!:)this feels so good!

Camy Tang said...

You're welcome! I'm glad you liked it!

Ramya said...

hey Camy!! oh yeah.. i totally liked it:) thank you so much!!:)

Mrs S said...

The cover is amazing. I'm going to have to give this one a go.

I'm not usually one for suspense but read No Time for Goodbye and was hooked! Here's the review: http://www.clareswindlehurst.com/bookreviews/2008/07/15/book-review-no-time-for-goodbye-by-linwood-barclay/

Ramya said...

hey mrs.s.. that was an amazing review.. i want to pick that book up right away!:) thanks for letting me know!:)

Anna said...

I agree with Dar about the cover. I noticed it's haunting look right away.

One of the things I love about book blogging is that it opens your eyes to so many different kinds of books. There are genres I didn't know existed! I find that I'm giving different kinds of books a chance, and I might not have done so in the past. It doesn't always turn out great, but then there are the one or two great reads you would not have found otherwise.


Ramya said...

i totally agree with what you're saying anna.. i would NEVER have picked this book up if i hadnt received it from Camy.. its just not the kind i usually read.but i found myself actually liking the genre...