Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bridget Jones's Diary

After the dark, depressing, heavy feel of Norwegian Wood I desperately needed something light to refresh my mind. I found the perfect antidote in Bridget Jones's Diary. It totally reaffirms my faith in the fact that books are indefinitely better than their movie counterparts.
I saw the movie ages ago and I didn't like it too much. I didn't like Renee Zellweger and I thought Bridget was fat, obnoxious, silly and sometimes even irritating. But the book made me change my mind.
The book is set in London - and this is my quick stop over in my Orbis Terrarum Travels - A peek into the life of a 30-something single girl living in London.

It starts on January 1st with a list of new year resolutions - a typical list with items that are there in most of our lists (Haven't you ever made a resolution to organize all those photographs??, to go to the gym atleast three times a week??, to not bitch about anyone?? or to make better use of time?? well, i have!). The posts are hilarious. They each start with a daily measure of weight, number of alcohol units consumed, number of calories consumed, number of lottery tickets bought, number of cigarettes smoked.. and then goes on to describe her fairly regular days..
Midway through the book , I was able to push Renee Zellweger's image out of my head and give the lady on the cover a life.. The book was much better after that.
Bridget turns out to be more normal than how they had portrayed her in the movie (or atleast what I got of the movie)..
Anyways, BJD turned out to be the perfect stopover.. Its nice to have a chick-lit to relax with in the middle of all those hectic travels.
And i must add, that the book does say a lot about life in it adds to the purpose of the challenge as well! Maybe someone should plan a "Tarts and Vicars" party here sometime..:)
I love the little references to Laurel and Hardy, Sound of music, etc through the book. Feels like something I would write in my own diary.. if i had one!

The end of the book makes you roll with laughter too..a summary of all the vital facts over a year.. for example, number of pounds lost 72! Thats amazing one would think.. only to realize that the very next line says Amount of pounds gained - 74!!
So much for obsessive monitoring of weight and calories..:))
I totally loved the book and if you havent read it as should definitely pick it up! Its a total fun book!:)


raidergirl3 said...

I'm glad you liked it. BJD is one of my most favorite books, and I reread it when I need a laugh. I also love the sequel, The Edge of Reason, and Mark Darcy is my literary boyfriend, so hands off!

I also prefer it to Pride and Prejudice, on which of course it is based.

Ramya said...

:) I'm glad you picked Mark DArcy..coz my favourite is still Mr.Darcy from P&P:) BJD is funny and nice..but I still can't let go of P&P.:) totally in love with that one!

bethany said...

I saw this movie too. I didn't even realize it is based off of P&P! wow, not really paying attention I guess.

I would love to read this one.

It is seriously nuts how fast you are reading these books!!! Way to go girl!!

Ramya said...

you HAVE to read the book, bethany. It is soo different from the movie.. I really enjoyed reading it!:)Actually, I am pretty surprised at the rate at which I am reading as well.. I am literally reading at the rate of a book a day.. It is totally scaring me:) I haven't been doing anything else in life (which must be quite obvious I guess).:)

Madeleine said...

Hi ramya :)

As you will notice I deleted Sue Miller's book THE SENATORS WIFE, it had a great begining,then became boring...and somehow badly written, I stopped reading it. I do not suggest it.

I made a note about a change in posting my books from now on.

Have a nice week-end

tinylittlelibrarian said...

It's one of my all-time favourites!! :)