Friday, February 22, 2008

The Quilter's Homecoming

Have you ever felt those times when the "domestic" in you wants to come out?? I never realized i had a "domestic" side to me until very recently.. a very dormant side, i must add. But then there are times when that side of me makes an appearance. Those are times when my house suddenly becomes a home.. it becomes clean and organized, something yummy gets cooked, the craft bag comes out and at least a scarf gets knit..and those are the times i dream of quilting. I am very intrigued by the whole quilting process. You start with random bits of fabrics..bits and pieces that are so different from one other in texture, print, colors, patterns, etc and when you finish, the end product in your hand is something totally different.. the seemingly unrelated pieces suddenly form a complete whole. And clever quilters give you more than just a quilt. They give you a message through the quilt. That, to me, is the most interesting part.
So, when i found this book in the library, the name and the story line totally intrigued me. I picked it up and i don't regret it. It was a beautiful read. To be honest, the story was not that great. The story line was OK..not too interesting or captivating. But all the references to quilting and the meanings behind quilts more than made up for the relatively slow story line. It wasn't a bad storyline..but it definitely wasn't great. The one thing that I liked about the story was that it wasn't a fairy tale. It starts off with a wedding and hopes and dreams about the future.. And pretty soon the hopes andf dreams are shattered when the newly weds realize that they have been swindled out of their life savings. The book is about them coping with the situation and making the best of what life has to offer for them. It might have been a good book if the author had stuck to this plot..but looks like she got distracted with a parallel story and the ending of the book leaves you wondering what the main plot of the book was..
But as I mentioned before, the best part of the story was the significance of quilts. How your mom and aunts make quilts for your new home.. one for the bride and groom and the rest for the guests and stuff..and the quilts, esp the wedding quilt has soo much meaning and significance.. It was amazing a quilt could tell so much.
As you can tell, I am pretty confused about the book.. not sure if I enjoyed it or not.. I definitely liked the quilting part but the story didnt appeal to me too much.... maybe you should give it a shot and let me know what you think.:)