Friday, October 26, 2007


Well.. technically, i didn't read this book. I actually listened to it..i experimented with an audio book. It was a beautiful experience. there was something about this particular book that made it good to listen to. i have tried many audio books after that and havent really succeeded even getting beyond the first chapter.
For those of you who are not aware, Elie Wiesel, the author of this book is a Nobel Prize winner and a holocaust survivor..and that is what this book is about.. his time in the concentration camp in the final year of the holocaust. It is a very gripping story. It is everything that we have heard of..the ghettos, the camps, the burning alive, the separation from families, etc etc and much more. But the author connects with you in a beautiful way. You get totally into the book and you can actually feel the book .It was a beautiful experience but sad as hell.
Though he eventually survives and get away free, you don't feel happy when you finish the book. The impact of the concentration camps is too great. It leaves you feeling sad and moody for days on end. I couldn't get myself to write about the book as soon as I read it. I just had to let it totally sink in and get over it to actually sit and write about it.
It is the most amazing book ever. A glimpse into the much heard-about concentration camps through the eyes of someone who has actually been there! So many stories that I have heard about the camps were so gruesome that there were times I thought that they were just made-up! how could anyone be so cruel in the world? And then, I read this book. And i know that it is all true.
You MUST MUST get hold of this book if you can and read it.

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Lezlie said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog and found this review while poking around. I totally agree with you! I read it a while ago, and it still haunts me. It was so good!