Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Shopaholic series - 5 books

There are times when you are in desperate need of a light book - something like a chick flick.. something that you can read, smile, finish and not think about about later. It happened to me when i was reading epics like Shantaram, A suitable boy, etc.. and happened again yesterday when i needed to get away from the complicated writing of Salman Rushdie in Midnight's children.. For times like this, Sophie Kinsella gives you the best solution - The Shopaholic series of books.

There are 5 books in the series:

1. Confessions of a Shopaholic (The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic)
2. Shopaholic takes Manhattan (Shopaholic Abroad)
3. Shopaholic ties the knot
4. Shopaholic and sister
5. Shopaholic and baby

** in brackets - names of books in the UK edition..

and each book is a master piece.. you have to read the books in order to get the little references to the past that is continuously made in all the books.. but if you do pick one out of order, its not a big deal.. the books are entertaining no matter what order you read them in( thats what i think..i read them in order and so i wouldnt really know!)..

The main character in these books is becky brandon.. yes..the shopaholic.. a person who's addiction to shopping drives even you crazy! and the irony of it all, she worked as a financial advisor! in this series, she meets luke, moves to manhattan with him, marries him, and even has a baby.. and through all these "maturing" changes in her life.. she remains -the shopaholic..
In the middle of all this, she even meets a sister she never had (a half sister actually) and all her dreams of going shopping with her sister crazh when she realises that her sister is a sensible, level headed, frugal geologist..who hated shopping and would have nothing to do with barneys, tiffany's or any other brand name!

The book are hilarious.. Ad of course, like in a typical chick flick, in the middle of all the shopping and nonsensical activities, she manages to do something brilliant by the end of the book (usually unintentional) and that finishes the books with the "happily ever after" tag..until ofcourse, the next book in the series comes along and you realize that she hasnt changed one bit..:)

Becky brandon, for all her dumbness and shopping addiction, is quite a darling..

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