Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pride and Prejudice

How can i NOT write about this book.... The first time i read the book, i was too overwhelmed by the english to enjoy the satire, the comedy and the story of the book.. i started enjoying the book from the second time i picked it up and have liked it ever since.

I suddenly felt like picking it up again and i was scared that reading it for the nth time would definitely spoil its taste.. but that was not the case.. i totally enjoyed the book.

I love the romance between Elizabeth Bennett and Mr.Darcy. For the longest time in high school, i wanted to grow up be as strong willed as Elizabeth and meet with my Mr.Darcy.. it was my idea of a perfect romance:) Now after all these years, i still enjoyed the romance and the quirky twists in tale. Mrs. Bennett's stupidity(for lack of a better word) amuse me. Even when her youngest daughter had totally put the family to shame by eloping with a squadering man, all that she could think of amidst her tears was to pass on a message for her NOT to buy her wedding gown without her mother around.. Mr. Bennett mocks her throughout the book..guess that is his way of putting up with her stupidity..

I think this book has been analyzed and re-analyzed by literary enthusiasts of all ages. Every known "literature-enthusiast" talks about Pride and Prejudice when talking about classics.. and all that talk, i think, gives it a status that i don't think even jane austen imagined!

The old english language is refreshing. The lifestyle of "high society" and "middle class" english are quite comical.. For the longest time in life, i always wanted to have a house with a cozy drawing room with a fireplace and a piano and dreamt of a life where we would "retire" to the drawing room after dinner to read, play the piano, write letters, or play games..:) and ofcourse there would be all those exciting balls where I would be asked to dance:)) hehe!

Reading Pride and Prejudice has evoked all those memories in me now and thats what makes the book more dear.. it transports me back in time to an age where nothing occupied my mind more than tea parties and dancing and lengthy letters..and of course Mr.Darcy and Rhett Butler.. My affections were always divided between the two..:)

It is tough to come across a book with soooo much character these days.. irony, comedy and satire fill the pages along with quaint phrases and amusing descriptions of lifestyles..

My favorite part in the whole book is where Mr.Darcy proposes to Elizabeth.."In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently i admire you and love you".. this of course has to be said in an hurried and agitated manner..:)

Pride and Prejudice.. one of my all time favourites..even the thought of the book brings a smile to my lips:)


Peridot said...

My # 1 favorite too, along with Suitable Boy...see the movie, its superb, the one with Colin Firth not the new Kierra Knigtly one..

Ramya said...

you liked suitable boy?? i thought it was WAY too long!:) but thats such an indian pride and prejudice right?? very similar stroyline i thought..:) don't even like mr.darcy in the kiera nightly movie..not my style:))

bhags said...

Hi Ramya,
Stumbled here, and happy that I did. I love P&P and I always wanted someone like Mr D to be there in my life. I somehow despise Rhett Butler, but I adore Scarlett....
I am happy to meet someone who shares the same passion for the same books as I do....
Bout the suitable boy, I think its OK, wud need to read it once more to truely evaluate its worth....
But one thing we differ on, Mr Darcy from kiera nightly movie...I love him, but still he isnt my style though.....not someone who I wud like to be in my life...too cute to be my type

Ramya said...

@bhags - you despise rhett butler?? i can totally understand that.. but there's something about him that draws me to him..wonder what..maybe i have to read GWTW again to figure it out..:)
one thing i am not going to do again - read A Suitable Boy.. didnt like it the first time and sure i wont like it the second time too!!:)

Laxmi Karumbu said...

Hi Ramya,

Love your comment about the fav part of the book Ditto for me.i share the same fav movies as you so you should watch P&P..Kiera knightly does the role justice.
I read your blog regularly, and now thanks to the challenge I may start one (although its difficult to pick 9 books).