Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Namesake

And I am officially the last one to read the book!:(.. EVERYONE i know has already read it and i don't know what took me soo long to actually get the book and read it even after hearing all those awesome reviews for the book and the movie!
so i am not going to say much about it..coz i know you've already read it..
but it was a great book..jhumpa lahiri brought out the true feeelings of an immigrant woman soo perfectly..everything she said hit soo close to home!
i somehow found the whole process of naming "gogol" very hilarious.. ashima's and ashoke's vain attempts to differentiate between "pet name" and "good name" had me rolling on the floor..don't know why!!
and yet there were parts that made me cry.. the worst was when ashoke dies.. tha pain of separation was depicted soo clearly in the book..not just ashima's pain..she was ofcourse completely dependant on ashoke and her pain was obvious.. it was gogol's pain that touched me the most...the hours he spent in the apartment that his dad last occupied and all the thoughts that went through his mind when he was there were soo touching..
it is soo easy to drift away from your parents when you grow up..you get involved in your life and you have your own issues to take care of that their presence seems to be merely a hindrance.. and yet you fell guilty for thinking that way.. i guess every person goes through this stage at some point or the other in their lives and no one could have described it better than jhumpa lahiri..
the behaviour of all second generation indians in the US has also been brought out beautifully.. their lack of attachment to India is understandable as they have none of those nostalgic memories their parents have..
i totally enjoyed reading the book and weeping through it..
and when i finished the book, i decided NOT to watch the movie.. movies are also quite disappointing after the book..whether it was the da vinci code or the harry potter series.. and somehow the images from the movie tend to stick with you..
somehow, the images formed in my mind while reading "the namesake" are beautiful and i do not want to spoil them by watching the movie..coz i know it is not possible to get all the minute details of the book into the movie and that is what i'll miss the most.
amazing book!!

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