Thursday, July 5, 2007

Just A Guy - Notes from a Blue Collar Life

** Bill Engvall is a stand-up comedian and a member of the Blue Collar Comedy Group.

When all that you are looking for is light meaningless reading, "Just a Guy" by the comedian Bill Engvall is not a bad pick. The book caught my life in the library bookshelf when i was browsing for something light to pick up..and not one more sophie kinsella..:) After having seen him on tbs ads for his new comedy show, i decided to pick the book up.. and it was more or less what i wanted.. a really light book that didnt need too much atention, too much thought, but entertained me nevertheless.
The book wasn't spectacularly humourous.. it didnt make me roll on the floor with laughter.. coming to think of it, it didnt even make me smile.. it was just a collection of memories from his life..right from when he was a little boy till when he was married and had kids and a successful career as a comedian..and it was very simply written..
One thing that totally bugged me how he typically like most other comedian men chose the "men-have-only-three-things-on-their-mind" comedy.. i hate that! I mean, why do sitcoms and books have to have irresponsible, foolish men and sensible, intelligent wives to be a succesful comedy sitcom/book?? Bill Engvall bases his book on the theme - I am just a guy.. i have only three things on my mind - water, sleep and sex.
oh come on.. give me a break..that is not even funny any more!
I wouldn't recommend this as a great read.. but it definitely doesn't suck.. so if you are looking for something to keep you occupied for a couple of hours..something that you dont really have to give a thought to ever again after in your life.. you can pick this book up!


Peridot said...

Nice:-) Try " Why Do Men Have Nipples"'s a question answer kinda book.....bizzare but genuine questions with real answers...quite funny too :-)

Random Vignettes said...

Hey being a book-lover and managing to read as many book as possible, I really like your reviews. Its on Peridot's recommendation that I visited your blog.
Btw Bill Engvall happens to be one of my faves..which is why I am waiting for "The bill Engvall show" as well!

Ramya said...

@peridot - shall surely pick up "why do men have nipples"..should be fun..:)
@random vignettes - have you read this book of his?? i am definitely waiting for the bill engvall show but i am hoping its funnier than the book was!:)