Sunday, September 3, 2006

The Town That Came A-Courtin'

from the kind of book-mood i have been in recently and from the title of this particular book, its pretty easy decipher what kind of a novel this is going to be. this one's by Ronda Rich and it truly is a blissful little tale of happy people and happy times.. Bliss is little town in missisippi.. and as the name suggests, it is rather blissfully happy little town.. small town, everyone knows each other and they are all totally into each others business ina rather friendly and unobtrusive way (if thats EVER possible)..
so when a pretty little famous author comes from georgia for a booksigning deal in a local bookstore, the whole town decides that she's a rather perfect match for their single, handsome and very eligible mayor. what follows is a rather entertaning tale of how the town gets the two together..
this story is nothing elaborate but its kinda sweet and has the flavor and charm of a really quaint old fashioned love story..:)
quite a warm fuzzy feeling it leaves in you..:)

The Mango Season

When i came back from my cousin's rather mixed-wedding, it seemed kinda appropriate to read a novel about a girl going back to india to tell her parents that she's in love with an american guy and she wants to marry him.
i'm from a rather conservative family myself and it was easy to picture the scenario that priya was about to face at home. parents (and every other person in the neighbourhood) looking out for a suitable groom for the 27 year OLD girl, issues sorrounding intercaste love marriages in the family, etc etc.
but somehow more than the story line itself what really appealed to me was the background.. the "mundane" sort of happenings in a typical household.. priya comes back home during summer, the peak mango season in south india and just the thought of mangoes can bring back soo many memories of mango filled summers in india!
returning to india after seven years in the US, priya finds it difficult to adjust to smells, sights and feelings she was sooo accustomed to for twenty years before she left for the states.. haggling with the mango sellers and auto drivers seem alien to her, family gossips revolt her and the narrow mindedness of her relatives sickens her.
and amidst all the mango pickle making hungama, she decides to let them all know that she's going to marry an american.. she somehow cannot gather to courage to break their hearts and is pushed into a rather traditional "bride-seeing" ceremony of a typica arranged marriage..

its a simple story that been well narrated and its really brought out the true emotions of everyone.. every character seemed justified in their behaviour and it really is tough to take sides.. i enjoyed the mango season..:)

Nectar in a Sieve

Nectar in a Sieve by Kamala Markandaya takes you to a completely different world.. the india of yesterday.. yes, its the story of a poor family in india in the 1950s.. the book was published in 1954 and depicted the scenario of those days. Though the book dealth with issues of poverty, it was refreshing.. there was something satisfying in reading the story of simple people who lived in south india 30 years before i was born! the stroy line is very simple and the style of writing even simpler.. this kinda makes you concentrate totally on the substance in the book.. its about rukmani.. she's the daughter of a rich zamindar who is eventually married to a poor farmer without even his own piece of land. she learns to appreciate what little they have and soon becomes a master in adjusting and living within their means(which really isnt too much!).. though she's really docile and homely in many ways, there's something oddly moden about rukmani... when not blessed with children, she takes the bold step and meets an english doctor in secrecy and gets treated.. its a really blod step for women of those days and her courage is commendable.
her courage is also seen in the way she accpets difficulties and sadness in life. seeing your infact son die of starvation, a daughter become a prostitute to make ends meet, etc etc are just a few of the difficulties she has to face in her life..and somehow she seems to survive it all. she seems to take it better than her husband.

i guess, the story's kinda feministic in view but it is really deep and says a lot! its not a really bulky book and doesnt really take ages to read. it was a perfect companion for a rather dreary flight:)