Sunday, September 3, 2006

The Town That Came A-Courtin'

from the kind of book-mood i have been in recently and from the title of this particular book, its pretty easy decipher what kind of a novel this is going to be. this one's by Ronda Rich and it truly is a blissful little tale of happy people and happy times.. Bliss is little town in missisippi.. and as the name suggests, it is rather blissfully happy little town.. small town, everyone knows each other and they are all totally into each others business ina rather friendly and unobtrusive way (if thats EVER possible)..
so when a pretty little famous author comes from georgia for a booksigning deal in a local bookstore, the whole town decides that she's a rather perfect match for their single, handsome and very eligible mayor. what follows is a rather entertaning tale of how the town gets the two together..
this story is nothing elaborate but its kinda sweet and has the flavor and charm of a really quaint old fashioned love story..:)
quite a warm fuzzy feeling it leaves in you..:)


RS said...

Hey, keep the book reviews coming, makes my job easier when I want to pick the next book to read :)

Ramya said...

will do:) grad school doesnt seem to be helping me too much..:) but its summer time soon and i am hoping to get some reading done:)