Sunday, September 3, 2006

Nectar in a Sieve

Nectar in a Sieve by Kamala Markandaya takes you to a completely different world.. the india of yesterday.. yes, its the story of a poor family in india in the 1950s.. the book was published in 1954 and depicted the scenario of those days. Though the book dealth with issues of poverty, it was refreshing.. there was something satisfying in reading the story of simple people who lived in south india 30 years before i was born! the stroy line is very simple and the style of writing even simpler.. this kinda makes you concentrate totally on the substance in the book.. its about rukmani.. she's the daughter of a rich zamindar who is eventually married to a poor farmer without even his own piece of land. she learns to appreciate what little they have and soon becomes a master in adjusting and living within their means(which really isnt too much!).. though she's really docile and homely in many ways, there's something oddly moden about rukmani... when not blessed with children, she takes the bold step and meets an english doctor in secrecy and gets treated.. its a really blod step for women of those days and her courage is commendable.
her courage is also seen in the way she accpets difficulties and sadness in life. seeing your infact son die of starvation, a daughter become a prostitute to make ends meet, etc etc are just a few of the difficulties she has to face in her life..and somehow she seems to survive it all. she seems to take it better than her husband.

i guess, the story's kinda feministic in view but it is really deep and says a lot! its not a really bulky book and doesnt really take ages to read. it was a perfect companion for a rather dreary flight:)

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