Tuesday, June 6, 2006

How Opal Mehta Got Kissed

When i was drowning in the epic-like "a suitable boy".. i badly needed a break.. and talks of kaavya vishwanathan and plagiarism caught my eye.. girl of south indian origin, sophomore in harvard, $500,000 for twoo books, accusations of plagiarism.. well, this was too much to resist.. i just HAD to read the book..
frankly, i didnt expect too much from the book... firstly, the title didnt impress me much.." how opal mehta got kissed, got wild and got a life".. it seemed to say too much about the book..and then there was the fact that kaavya was what? 17 years old?? what could she possibly write about???
i guess i was in for a shock.. the book turned out to be better than i expected..looking beyond the obvious, it was infact, relate-able! parents charting out children's lives is nothing new for us indians.. it happens all the time.. but opal's parents were a little over the board i guess.. all the plans and the prep for first HOWGIH and then HOWGAL seemed a little too unrealistic..a little too exaggerated..and i doubt if my mother would have ever jumped with joy with a camera in her hand if she'd found me sneaking a kiss with my boyfried!!:) but beyond the obvious, the book spoke volumes.. career decisions or in-decisions!, dreams that are your dreams just because it was imposed on you, trying to "fit in".. these are things that everyone goes through at som age or the other.. and the book talks about all this..

and the book actually is a lot of fun.. though the whole scenario is kinda bizzare.. you cant help wondering what drastic step the mehtas are going to take next.. you cant resist turning the page to read what opal's upto now.. there's no part thats even a little boring..and in a couple of hours, you actually have completed the book.. easy!:)

maybe it is a "girl" book.. i dont know how a guy can read through pages and pages of talk about fashion and gossip and etc etc..but it definitely is a girl book..:) its short, easy to read, and i must say, mildly entertaining.. surely much more than what i expected..
its for those times after a really serious or heavy book.. when all that you want is something light and non-taxing.. this book reminded me of th much raved about "5 point someone" by chetan bhagat..maybe it was because both were first novels, both involved students, some romance.. etc etc.. i cannot pinpoint it..but they are very similar..
anyways, its a mildly entertaining book...and makes good reading for a short break..surely not a total dissapointment..nor is it over-hyped..:)