Tuesday, May 2, 2006

A Million Little Pieces

When one browses the oprah website in search of books to read, its very tough to miss this one - A million little pieces by James Frey.. I eventually picked the book up from the library and sat down to read it.. it is one of the fastest moving stories and you just cant put the book down until you hve actually finished reading the whole thing.. its not a suspense or anything even remotely close that keeps you glued to the book.. its the narration and the story itself..
This book is an autobiographical account of the six weeks the author spent in rehab after having been an alcoholic and a drug addict for more than a decade! right from the age of 12! when kids around the world were concentrating on computer games, tests, assignments etc etc.. our buddy here was getting high over and over again.. by the time he reached his early 20s he was done for.. a valuable life totally down the drain!
as a last chance to save his life, he decides to go into rehab.. and the book is just all about his struggles and the lives of others he meets in the rehab.. the strength and the determination prtrayed throughout the book is really commendable.. it sure is a life saver for millions of people out there in the advanced stages of addiction..those who think that they've reached the end.. here's a book to save them all..the book with the message" no matter how deep in shit you are, there is always a way out..and all that you need is determination"..
it sure does give hope!
there was a big controversy about the book a few months after its publishing.. it was discovered that there were parts in the book that were actually not true but were altered.. oprah winfrey even had the author over for a second interview where she ripped him apart for his crime..
personally, i dont think it matters.. the truth is there.. an addict, in his advanced stages managed to save his own life with just determination and the will to live.. and that is the main essence of the book..the minor petty details dont really matter..
this is a short and extremely powerful tale and takes you to a world you have heard of vaguely but dont really know.. reality hits you hard!!
a must read for all you bookworms out there. if you've missed reading this, grab a copy immediately..:)


Mathi Ezhil said...

Am not sure abt the orignality of this book.Sometime back i remember the author mired is some issues on palgiarism.

Ramya said...

@mathi - the only issue related to the book was that some parts of it were made-up and actually not true.. but nothing to do with plagiarism as far as i've heard..i found out about the parts that were added to give the book a more commercial value but i personally think it doesnt make a difference.. the important thing is the message that no matter how deep in this addiction shit you are, all that you need is detrmination and a will to live to get you out of it.. and that message has been brought out beautifully!:)