Friday, April 28, 2006

Evidence of Love

A simple cover attacted me to the book..a powerful story with the strongest of emotions kept me glued to the book until i completed it...and a perfect ending made me immediately come here and write about it..:) Evidence of Love - Melissa McConnell..
The cover of this book is nothing elaborate.. it is a simple picture of an empty closet with just one clthes hanger in it.. just a bare cupboard.. but just looking at the cover sends a feeling of loneliness and desolation in you.. simple and powerful.. beautiful!
the story goes likes this:
A 33 year old woman seems to be absolutely content with her life.. a boyfriend who she loves and is soon to marry, a good relationship with her mother and a job in the white house! what more could she aask for at this stage?? well, actually, everything is not perfect.. the perfect boyfriend has been a little less than perfect recently and has been a little too attached to his job as the personal advisor to the president of united states.. as she thinks up of ways to revive the flame and get the romance going again between them.. a bomb drops out of the sky in the form of a note he leaves for her one day when she gets back from work.. the note's simple.. he's going out of town on business but will not return to her at the end of it!
the near-perfect world suddenly shatters for catherine.. the book is all about her and her feelings in the weeks to follow... i guess its not a "guy" book.. its a very "girl" book and thats the kind of books i kinda like.. have you ever seen a guy write a book which has nothing in it but emotions?? it wont sell!:)
it touches you deeply when she recollects all the fun gtimes she's had with harry.. their first meeting..their walks around NY...their frequent trips to flea markets.. their devotion to each other.. and in the middle of all this, she realises that though she thought she knew harry.. she actually didnt know him at all! why would he just leave her and not even have the courage to face her and tell her about it?
the story line is kinda discontinuous and is interrupted frequently with recollection of her childhood and ofcourse, the present.. her mundane job and the likes..
the book is beautifully written and is very perceptive... now thinking about it, it does have a lot of details!! as in, it is nothing but details.. ery little story..but a lot of details.. but the details keep you glued to the book.. details of her childhood.. details of the love between her parents.. details of her life with harry... details of her job...details of everything under the sun..
the book's in first person narration and as you read it , without your knowledge you enter the character yourself.. you can actually feel the pain of can feel the can feel the confusion.. you can feel the book.. i think thats the most beautiful part of the whole book..:)

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