Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Five Point Someone

The whole world is talking about this book right now and I just HAD to read it.. well, atleast the part of the world I belong to. Five Point Someone is written by Chetan Bhagat and it has suddenly become a raging bestseller in India.
Five point someone deals with the typical college life of students in IIT in India. For those who are not aware, the IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) are the best colleges for Engineering in India. Anyways, the simple style of writing appealed to the masses. In addition to that, the description of events that define the lives of regular college students in India made it an instant bestseller. Guys who never touched books in their lives are suddenly walking around with a copy of Five Point Someone and discussing the style of writing, etc etc.
I enjoyed reading Five Point someone. It was definitely amateurish and way too "simple" for my liking but it was enjoyable nevertheless. I am curious to see if he would ever write again and if he does, what would he write about?? yet another phase of his own life??

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Calcutta Chromosome

I expected too much before i started this book and I was totally disappointed. I had heard a lot about Amitav Ghosh and the Calcutta Chromosome and i really looked forward to reading it. But I just couldn't get into it. The book jumps between the US and India and also between the Past and the future and all that i got out of it was a jumbled mess! I am being totally honest here.
I couldn't grasp the story line. I thought the whole "futuristic" scenario was a little too vague. Some ideas were way ahead of technology hinting at many many years down the line whereas some others were so un-researched coz they were outdated even before i got to reading the book!
Well, i didn't really get a good grasp of the book.. but here's what i think it was about. The book begins with a description of Antar's life in future New York - a dark and dreary place to be in with almost no human interaction.. anyways, antar has a really cool computer Ava but he has a rather mundane job. 
One day while working, Antar comes across the ID of murugan who has mysteriously dissapeared. Antar, however, had met him before he dissapeared. Antar tries to find out what happened to Murugran and this where things started to get extremely confusing for me. I realized that there were multiple time lines in the story but it confused me totally.
Anyways, I am not going to write further about this book. Maybe, i'll try to read it again sometime later and see if i still feel the same way about it.
have you read this book? did you happen to like it? do tell me your opinion!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesdays with Morrie

I usually don't like to read books that deal with philosophy and spirituality. I just don't get them. I was very apprehensive when I picked up Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. But I landed up totally loving the book. 
This is a true life story of Mitch Albom and Morrie Schwartz. Morrie was a professor of sociology at the Brandeis University and Mitch was one of his students. After graduating, Mitch had somehow lost touch with Morrie. One day, however, while watching TV, he sees a show featuring Morrie and he gets to know that Morrie is dying. Morrie had been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease. He reconnected with his dying professor. They met every tuesday and Mitch recorded everything that Morrie had to say to the world.
Each tuesday they talked about something different: Death, Emotions, Regrets, Marriage, Money, etc. 
Through this book i got to know a great man by name Morrie Schwartz. Even when he was dying all that he could think of doing was "give". He gave his knowledge away until his last breath. 
The book was very inspiring and i totally loved reading it. Made me want to do something worthwhile in life. 

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Joy Luck Club

The Joy Luck Club is a very interesting book written by Amy tan. It has also been made into a movie. The book deals with immigration and second generation immigrants. The story centers around June who just lost her mother. Her mother and 3 other friends of hers met up frequently. They called themselves the Joy Luck Club and this club was their way of dealing with the stress of moving to a new country. They ate dim sum, played mahjong and talked. They shared a strong friendship and survived the hardships of immigration because they had each other. On the death of her mother, June is called to take her place. For the rest of the book, we hear the stories of each of the mahjong players and their US-born daughters. 
This book seemed to be very apt to be reading right now. I just moved to the US from India and the book's main theme was differences in culture and how to adapt to the changes. I really liked reading it.
I loved the way the book was written.. 4 parts to the novel - 8 different stories (4 mothers, 4 daughters). I somehow preferred the stories and the view points of the mothers to that of the daughters. But thats just my preference.
I would totally recommend this book to anyone who loves to read!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Little Women

As i begin this blog wholly dedicated to books that i have enjoyed reading, there is no more a perfect beginning than "little women". Little Women, by Louisa M Alcott, is one of the best loved books of all time.. the story reloves around the March family.. the four sisters Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy are the central characters. They grow up in Engalnd during the Civil War and their poverty is heart-wrenching.. It is a very close knit family and affection flows freely here though money doesnt.. the girls are cheerful, playful and fun loving and somehow as you read this book, without your knowledge you tend to become a part of it.. a part of the lovely family.. you laugh with them..cry with them..pray with them.. and when you finish the book and put it away, its like you've lost a part of yourself..
This is undoubtedly one of my all time favourite books.. The most amazing part of the book is how it lets you interpret it.. when i first read it as a little girl, i saw the affectionate sisters, the pranks played by them, the plays they put up, the joy of falling in love etc etc..and then i grew up a little and got to read the book again.. this time, i saw a more complicated picture.. Responsibility, decisions, sacrifice, etc etc surface throughout the book but under no circumstances gives it a melodramatic nature..
Its been over 5 years since i read this book and i am looking forward to reading it again in sometime.. i am really curious to find out if i would find something new this time or just understand it better..